Website Credits

We are so excited to launch our * new and improved * Hollywood Hawks website! We hope you’ll poke around the different areas to see what’s here, then tell other Jayhawks in “the biz” about it. With a better source of communication in place, we are ready to take our group to the next level!

But now that we’re finally live, we’d like to express our immense appreciation to the people who have made this website possible.


In 2011, several leaders of the Hollywood Hawks were talking about how we REALLY needed a real website because we had outgrown our Facebook page. Problem was, since we have never charged a membership fee, so our group didn’t have any money to make this a reality. After learning this, Mike graciously offered to front us the money to develop the website until we, as a group, could pay him back. He deserves all kinds of gratitude from our members!


A graduate of the University of Kansas, Amanda has done graphic design work for KU Endowment, The Oread, and various businesses and organizations in Lawrence. This is to say, she knows all about the Jayhawk. And, as a friend of the founder of our group, she was also familiar with the mission of the Hollywood Hawks. When you combine these things, she seemed like the perfect person to design our logo… and she was.  We love our new logo! Thanks, Amanda! Beyond that, with a Jayhawk marriage in the past year and a baby on the way, let’s also send lots of good crimson and blue vibes her way.

DOUG KOCH & KU’s MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (formerly University Relations)

In order to use a couple of KU photos for our website, we contacted the Visual Images Coordinator, Doug Koch, to request approval. He was incredibly kind and gave our group permission to use the two landscape photos of the KU campus. Thank you so much!


And then there is Kristin. With experience designing websites for programs and organizations like Film Independent, the LA Comedy Festival, and the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, we were thrilled to find someone who had worked on so many entertainment-related projects. Kristin was also great throughout this process because she is  very patient. VERY. If you have not built a website like this from scratch, you’d be surprised to learn how much time it takes to complete. But even with many starts and stops in the past seven months, it has been an absolute joy to see things take shape. We are thrilled with Kristin’s work and hope you are, too.


In the fall of 2012 we had a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to finance the creation and maintenance of our website for the next few years. We are grateful to every single person who opened up their wallets to support this website and want to acknowledge each person here:

Grant Babbitt , Austin Bakri,  Brian Bartelt,  Dara Barton,  Laura Beason,  Joy Benedict,  Andrew Bernard,  Jack Birmingham, Jeanne Bleecker,  Jenna Bleecker,  Aubree Bowen,  Travis Bronson,  Heather Brose,  Natalie Brown,  Shannon Buhler,  Hoite Caston,  Aaron Champion,  Anne Chapman,  M. Miller Davis,  Vanessa Davis,  Cameron DeVictor,  Lyle Dohl,  Jeff Drake,  Lara Thomas Ducey,  Wesley Dwaine,  Mark Elzea,  Prof. Tamara Falicov, Travis Falstad, Michael Feld, Sam Findlay, Kalif Fuller, Ethan Golub, Kyle Hamrick, Marc Havener, Tim Hawks, Rochelle Herman, Gordy Hoffman, Allan Holt, Prof. Robert Hurst, Chris Hurte, Prof. Matt Jacobson, Chelsea Johnston, Luka Jones, John Keating, Laura Kirk, Caleb Knueven, Jackie Koester, Jordan Krause, Ben Krout, Will Lamborn, Rod Lathim, Franco Leng, Ann Lerner, Teresa Lo, Andrew Loos, Francis Liu, Chris Martin, Jeff Maynard, Casey McAdams, Ryan McAteer, Arthel McDaniel, Bobby McGee, Jerod Meagher, Tish Merritt, Josh Meyer, Heath Miller, Sara Miller, Pat Monroe, Martin Moore, Sk Nguyen, Laise Nascimento, Jon Niccum, Alex Noury, Jen O’Leary, Erica Olsen, Jeremy Osbern, Dustin Pickman, Andrew Pouch, Prof. Catherine L. Preston, Katherine Pryor,  Heather Rafferty, Erica Rahn, Betsy Rate, Mike Robe, Bill Russell, Stephanie Sapienza, Jake Schultz, Tad Shurtz, Jess Shuler,  Maria Skeels, John Stansifer, Elise Stawarz, Michael Stoecker, Kendall & Chad Swenson, Caitlin Tew, Scott Thomas, Sarah Tucker, Kate Turnbull, Connie Ventress, PJ Wagner, Marshall Wetta, Seth Wiley, Jerome Wilhort, Stephanie C. Williams, Michele Winn, Mallory Yund

A “thank you” is also in order for the participants of the 2011 Hollywood Hawks Career Orientation Week. There are  several photos from their adventures throughout the website and we have loved using them.

I’d also like to thank Gordy Hoffman (BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU!), Jenna Bleecker, Chris Martin, Elise Stawarz and Cam DeVictor for their advice and input. As it turns out, it takes a village to create a website!


My best,