One of the goals of our Hollywood Hawks group is to help prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry. So, if you are a current KU student hoping to work in television, film, theatre or music after graduation, you have come to the right place!

Please know that our group is open to any student at KU, regardless of major. We understand that the majority of you are studying journalism, music, theatre, or film and media studies. However, if you are not, that’s no problem at all. Many of our members studied one thing in college, but are now doing something completely different – it’s very common.

Truth be told, the students who will benefit the most from our group are juniors and seniors. With half of their coursework finished, it’s at this stage that most students have a better idea of the area(s) they want to pursue. As Hollywood Hawks we want to help students have an easier transition from college to their professional lives, but when students are still very confused about their desired career path, we can’t help. It’s normal to have an interest in several areas of the entertainment industry, but if you’re all over the map you need to do your own research and some soul-searching. When you have a clearer focus, Hollywood Hawks will be happy to help in anyway we can.

That said, here are some ways to get involved with our group:

1. Sign up for the student newsletter by clicking here. This will be the main way we get the word out about internships, PA opportunities and our student programming.

2. Check out our Future Hollywood Hawks blog by clicking here. This is where professionals will write about topics catered to the student members of our group. The password for the blog will be sent out in the newsletter. You can also email Maria at thehollywoodhawks@gmail.com to get it.

3. Apply to receive a mentor in our “Under Our Wing” mentorship program. Preference will be given to seniors, but juniors are encouraged to apply, as well. 

4. Ask questions and join discussions in the forums area of our website.

If you do all these things, we are confident you’ll feel more prepared to pursue your dreams!