Why Join?

In a recent questionnaire, we asked Hollywood Hawks why they joined our group. Below are some of their replies:

 “I’d like to help establish and nurture a professional organization for those with roots at the University of Kansas, where they can help one another and themselves create a rewarding career in media, wherever in the world they choose to work.” – Mike Robe

“I want to remain a part of the community that has done so much for me. I would love to network with other alumni and work on projects together.  I am interested in mentoring current students and I’d love to help organize events.  Mostly, I want to help KU, the Film and Media Studies Program, and the Hollywood Hawks in any way possible!” – Josh Nathan

“I find it to be a great resource when looking for new hires. It is so comforting to have a little slice of home right here in LA.” – Dara Barton

“I’d love to network with other KU alums in the music business.” – Michael Lichtenauer

“1) Kick it with cool, fun and interesting people. 2) Be inspired by people who chase their dreams. 3) Help others chase their dreams. 4) Be a resource and problem solver for the group. 5) Gain more showbiz knowledge from those grinding in it.” – Jade Freeman

 “Networking for sure. I’d like to be an asset to new actors out here…I’m learning the business ropes myself but feel like I can provide some valuable info that I had to learn along the way.” – Aubree Bowen

 “Really just hoping to network and stay in touch with what other hawks are doing in the industry. Very proud of our school and this group. Based in Kansas City and would be more than willing to help out on this end.” – Chris Weaver

“I would like to make great friends and great connections. Film is a collaborative experience. It’s great to have help get the best possible product.” – Chris Stone

“Network with other Jayhawks: providing and gaining opportunities in the entertainment business, advising recent grads who move to LA, and providing a liason to theater and film grads from KU looking for industry work.” – Cam DeVictor

“My company is always looking for hardworking interns, and I would love to have some fellow Jayhawks! As a former journalism student, I feel I have a different prospective of what to expect when you first move to LA.” – Vanessa Davis

“Connect with anyone that might have an interest in filming in Germany.  To use my connections in Berlin and the States to create great films.” – Bobby McGee

“I’m most interested in the networking opportunities. I’m a ‘newbie’ to the entertainment business, so I’m hoping to meet people whom I can trust to provide good advice and connections. Opportunities in both performance and management would be ideal!” – Laura Clark

“I want to connect each KU alum in the industry to forge great opportunities to make the entertainment the world deserves.” – Gordy Hoffman

 “I want to give back to our film community at KU. I was given such great opportunities while at KU, and because of that I have had a successful transition to the heart of the industry here in Los Angeles. I would love to continue to grow the strong bond with other Jayhawks out here, and create a home away from home in LA.” – Grant Babbitt

“Collaboration opportunities. I want to direct short films.” – Franco Leng

“Connecting with fellow KU Film alums living in Los Angeles, as well as helping new KU Film graduates in any way I can.” – Scott Thomas

“I would love to network with fellow Jayhawks who are interested in all aspects of the film industry. Writers, directors, cinematographers, camera operators, editors, actors…you name it!” – Ethan Golub

“As a member of the Hollywood Hawks, I’ve already had ample opportunities to make connections and network with other KU grads and professionals working in the industry. I’m definitely looking forward to a career in film and excited to help future grads/students at KU.” – Laura Beason

“Well … I wrote the first story published about Hollywood Hawks, so I’d like to think I had something to do with spreading the word. I know a large number of people who are part of the organization, so I like being involved with it in any way I can. It’s also been a nice source of networking.” – Jon Niccum

“I’m all about meeting fabulous people! And if you went to KU, you are fabulous in my book!” – Joy Benedict

“Lending my experience in the business to help however I can. Also hoping to network with peers to collaborate and support each others’ businesses. – Todd Brown

“I enjoy the camaraderie and sense of community within HH.  Many of the more established members offer up work opportunities or guidance to the newer transplants which provides not only a great tradition of mentorship, but also an invaluable information pipeline for recent grads.” – M. Miller Davis

 “I’d like to connect with producers, directors, other actors and improvisers… and maybe pass along a script or two. Bring those KU students on. I’d be glad to help host tours of LA” – Jordy Altman

 “Continue to build connections and hopefully help build the organization into something as powerful in Hollywood as the Northwestern, Syracuse, Texas, NYU groups in influence.” – Chris Hurte

 “I hope to make career connections and to help other Hawks find employment.” – Aaron Champion

 “I want to just help grow the alumni network, and make sure that students are coming out prepared and better-informed about the workforce.” – Stephanie Sapienza

 “It’s great to network with the best people on the planet. Jayhawks are grounded, driven and exciting people. We have a lot to look forward to with the Hollywood Hawks!” – PJ Wagner

 “Provide a forum for creative people to come together and help each other and have fun. I hope to get inspired, inspire others, create quality content, make solid friendships as well as partnerships and enjoy myself in the Hollywood Hawks.” – Jerod Meagher 

“Everything.  I love to stay connected with other KU grads.  My time and experience from KU is very important to me and it feels like being home with family whenever I go to a watch party or even just run into another KU grad at work.  And of course I’d love the networking opportunities for the advancement of both myself and anyone else interested in their craft in this field.” – Melinda Denny

“Networking, helping and mentoring current students.” – Jon Tenholder

“I speak fluent Jayhawk. Always open to networking opportunities and very interested in helping or mentoring students looking to break in the film business as my production company grows.” – John Stansifer

“Continue to build my network with fellow Jayhawks, and help any alum in any ways I can.” – Colin Randall

“I hope to develop a connection to my fellow Jayhawks, make friends on a professional and personal level.” – Lucas Singleton

“Anything I can do to help myself and others provide important connections between professionals in Hollywood and KU grads.” – Ignacio Galarza III

“Connections with other KU grads in the industry, and I’m always up for helping out other Kansas people when I can.” – Jeremy Osbern

“Anything and everything.  You can never network enough.” – Lindsay Kiesel